End of line systems

Linea automatica di confezionamento e nastratura

If you are looking for a fast and reliable system to provide your production with an internal movimentation or end line system, Mancini Solutions can help you to find the best solution for your needs.

What happen in an end line plant of the productive process. Given that this is one of the most risky situations for the cumulation and the loss of the efficiency, is necessary to structure it in order to be fast and easy, but safe and customized. The goal of an end line plant is to complete the productive process by transporting the product, closing boxes and making pallets to be delivered or stocked. The management of the plants is done through customizable software.

Mancini Solutions is specialized in the design and the production of high quality end line plants that are fast and easy to maintain. All the phases of design or assembly, both mechanical and electrical, take place in our factory in Castel San Pietro, where the machines are also tested.

This kind of plants are necessary both for the big and the small productions. The advantages in terms of time management of the production and of the risk reduction linked to the movimentation of heavy loads are indeed  very great and allows for a money saving in little time.

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