Pallet handling in a warehouse and in the productive departments represents an important element to optimize the timing. That is why transport and storage have to be planned with care. Whether you are looking for a complex storage system to increase the productivity or handling system for pallet, barrels, bins, boxes and heavy loads, Mancini Solutions will solve the problem and will help you in reaching your targets.

Mancini Solutions produces idler roller conveyors and motorized roller conveyors for the pallet handling, metal or plastic boxes. This range of roller conveyors is characterized by stiffness, robustness, stability and efficiency. Roller conveyors for pallet are designed and made according to the customer needs.

Complete range of roller conveyors for pallet handling:

  • Modorized roller conveyors of every dimension and load capacity
  • Idler gravity roller conveyors of every dimension and load capacity
  • Trasportatori a catene (catenarie)
  • Chain conveyors (catenary)
  • Idler rotating roller conveyors
  • Orthogonal diverters with chains or rollers
  • Hydraulic pallet elevators
  • Shuttles, manual or motorized

Roller conveyors for pallets are made according to the customer needs with full respect of the safety regulations on work and according to the CE machinary directive.

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