Plans ball

Modular planes ball are characterized by the easy assembly into a pre-existing structure. They are well suited for every productive situation: assembly, packaging and wrapping. Modular planes ball can be adapted to pre-existing plants and for the movementation of many products.


Modular planes ball PI-SFE series, are designed to be integrated in the Mancini Solutions lines. The modular structure allows many combination, moreover every single plane can be integrated in an Idler roller conveyor RLF series to create a reaI packaging or assembly station. Available with Ø12 balls or Ø22 balls in galvanized steel.


  • Galvanized steel frame bent CNC 81×30 depth 2 (mm)
  • Standard lenght:  490 – 980 – 1540 – 2030 (mm)
  • Standard width: 500 – 700 mm
  • Standard diameter of the spheres 15 – 22 (mm)
  • Standard height: 550-750 / 660-1000 / 770-1200 (mm)


  • Supports adjustable in 3 different standard sizes PT series
  • Block pack at the end
  • Connecting plates for another roller conveyor or for a machine
  • Fixed or adjustabl sides
  • Additional sheet (for cardboard boxes heavy duty)

Modular planes with spheres can be made with INOX AISI 304 balls.

For all the technical details and descriptions of our Plans ball, see the data sheet.

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