Flexible conveyor

The flexible conveyor are the flexible and economic solution for the move of your products. Maximum flexibility in length, in height and in the ray of bending. The flexible conveyor are used in the lines of packaging and end line to create accumulation of boxes, but you/they can have manifold functions of use, for instance to unload truck cargo and container, or they develop the function of practices stations of assemblage and packing. The flexible conveyor of the Left-handed Solutions are the tool that will make you earn time and space. The flexible conveyor of the Left-handed Solutions are entirely produced in our establishment, the carrying structure is realized in galvanized steel, with system to pantografo that allows to lengthen

Standard models

  • With wheels in plastic material Ø 48 recirculating ball
  • With wheels in Galvanized steel Ø 48 recirculating ball
  • With rollers in Galvanized steel Ø 32, recirculating ball

Standard width: 400-500-600-700 mm

Standard lenght: 1000-3900 / 1500-5900 / 2000-7600 mm

Standard height: 550-860 / 650-1060 / 750-1260 mm

Disponibile nelle versioni

  • In steel inox with small wheels in food acetalica
  • With rolls inox AISI 304 Ø 30
  • With gummed rolls
  • Widths out standard up to 1.400 mm
  • Heights out standard up to 2.500 mm

We can realize out extensible rulliere standard with widths and select lengths in base to the demands.


  • Stop Bar (standard or to disappearance)
  • Connecting plate


The whole range of flexible conveyor they are available in the version entirely realized in steel INOX AISI 304, fit to be used in alimentary contexts and sterile rooms, the flexible conveyor in steel INOX AISI 304 are completely washable.

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