Modular Plastic Belting

The conveyor belts with modular plastic belt stand out for their versatility. They can be used in several production sectors, from the mechanical industry to the food industry and represent the most suitable system for the transport of packed and unpacked goods. The conveyor belts with modular plastic belt are perfect for systems in which adaptability, impact resistance and ease of cleaning are necessary priorities. The ease of repair and substitution is the strength of modular belt. The conveyor belt with modular plastic belts are the optimal solution for those companies that want to avoid workflow interruptions for long periods.

Special applications

nastro trasportatore a catena modulare

This accessory has the purpose of recovery differences in length, which is essential in specific phases of the production process, for example in the entrance of a weighing scale. This system allows to adapt the conveyor belt in relation to the product.

  • Manual adjustment
  • Time adjustment 2
  • Adjustment knob ergonomic in thermoplastic material
  • System free of maintenance


For other customizations you can consult with our technical department.

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