Linear roller or wheels

rulliera lineare a rulliIdler roller conveyors are the cheapest solution for the internal logistic of every industry, they are suited for the movimentation of different kind of products. The linear idler roller conveyors move products without any electrical or mechanical transmission. The movement of the rollers can be generated by an operator or due to gravity. It is a versatile and modular system, easy to assembly, available in different sizes, does not require any maintenance.

  • Idler roller conveyors in galvanized or varnished steel;
  • Modular idler roller conveyors RLF series
  • Idler roller conveyors in stainless steel
  • Medium idler roller conveyors for weights up to 100Kg
  • Customizable heavy idler roller conveyors.


Modular idler roller conveyors series RLF have a modern design, they are built with a robust frame in galvanized steel and rotating rollers on which the products to be transported slide:

  • Roller conveyors with galvanized steel rollers Ø 32 or 50 (mm)
  • Roller conveyors with INOX rollers Ø 30 (mm)
  • Roller conveyors with PVC rollers Ø 30 or 50 (mm)
  • Roller conveyors with wheels made of plastic or galvanized steel Ø48 (mm)
  • Rubber coated rollers
  • Modular plan with spheres (Series PI-SFE)
  • Hand diverter 90°


  • Galvanized steel frame bent CNC
  • Standard width: 400-500-600-700-800 (mm)
  • Standard lenght: 490-980-1540-2030 (mm)
  • Standard rollers pitch:: 35-70 (mm)
  • Standard height: : 550-750 / 660-1000 / 770-1200 (mm)


  • Supports adjustable in 3 different standard sizes
  • Block pack at the end, fixed or pneumatic
  • Connecting plates for another roller conveyor or for a machine
  • Fixed or adjustabl sides
  • Modular plan with spheres (Series PI-SFE)
  • Plan stops boxes
  • Accessory to stop the rollers
  • Hand diverter 90°


The connection between the idler rollers may be effected through the use of the supports itself, which, running along the bank positioned at one end of the roller conveyor can be used directly as the connection plate. Save time and money.

Line 12 meters to transport boxes with a maximum weight of 25 kg, not accumulation.
To realize this line requires six conveyors 2000 mm. With a traditional roller conveyor, to support the roller conveyor 12 are needed Supports.

With the RLF system of Mancini Solutions, they are sufficient supports 7


rulliera lineare a rulli con tavola rotante

The rotating module MO-ROT series can completely interact with idler gravity roller conveyors RLF series. This module with rollers allows for the rotation of the product to 360°, without the help of any motorization. Rotation operations indeed are made by the operator itself. In this way is possible to create a single rotating assembly or packaging station or it can be embedded in a assembly line.

The idler rotating table can have several uses during different phases of the work, assebly or packaging. The rotation of the table is due to an operator. This table can completely interact with Mancini Solution’s RLF idler or motorized roller conveyors


Modulo deviazione a 90°

The module DE-ROT Allows for the deviation to 90 ° of many kind of products with the flat bottom. The diverter module can be moved in every moment, in this way is possible to assembly dynamic, customized packaging and movimentation lines for every productive needs.


The whole range of idler roller conveyors is available in the version completely made of stainless steel AISI 304, well suited to be used in the food industry or sterile rooms, idler roller conveyors in stainless steel AISI 304 are completely washable.

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