Mancini Solutions makes automatic labeling systems on packaging lines and end lines. Automatic labeling machines have an innovative technology for high performances, are the best for every industries, the user interface is immediate and easy to use. Applicators are designed and realized based on the specific customer needs and Requests.

The small encumbrance makes the label applicators extremely versatile and of easy and practical usage. Label applicators are preformant and modular, they can apply neutral and printed labels with a high level of precision and continuity of workflow. The automatic labeling machines are compulsory instrument for the automation and the tracking of the products.

  • Automatic labeling plants
  • Piston applicator or tab applicator
  • Print and stick on system
  • Roller conveyors and conveyor belts with label applicators
  • Labeling machines for different size of labels
  • Applicators for single and multiple labeling.

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