Mancini Solutions s.r.l. is a company based on solid roots and decennal experience in the field of movimentation of goods and end lines. We are experts in the deisgn and construction of idler roller conveyors, extensible roller conveyors, conveyor belts, elevated rollers and end line automations.  Since 1992, we seek for solutions to guarantee the best quality/price ratio for standard products, in line with market demands, and we are tuned on the customer’s needs to realize custom products.

During the realization of a project, we pay attention to what is the product to be moved and to what is the wider context in which the system will be placed. In this way we ensure to find the most suited solution from the practical and commercial point of view. Each movimentation plant or end line system is made according to the customer’s special needs; we work with care and attention for details. Our prerogative is modularity, indeed we realize each machine individually, aware that it can be embedded in a pre existing plant. Moreover our solutions are designed and built to guarantee short transportation, assembly and packaging time, with economic and energy. On demand, our services include linkage, test and maintenance of the plant.

Our mindset is that of a craftsman of the past, all the rest meets the needs of an industry working and investing to become the number one in its sector.

             Outside of our company, with our van. Mancini solutions office. Showroom